New Flamenca Collection 2023: Embroidered batiste.

If in the last capsule of the new collection we presented the new fabrics on chiffon and bambula, in this case we give a twist of register, reviewing the news on embroidered batiste.

Embroidered cotton batiste

It is a breathable and comfortable fabric, easy to sew, with which we will give a romantic air to our flamenco dress.

ROTUMA. Reference: 03934.Embroidered batiste fabric.
TULAGI. Reference: 03938.Embroidered batiste fabric.

Normally, this fabric is used to make canasteros or flamenco dresses of canastera aesthetics and with the will to enhance the femininity of women.

LEVU. Reference: 03939.Embroidered batiste fabric.
NIUE. Reference: 03937.Embroidered batiste fabric.

Embroidered cotton batiste

Likewise, this type of fabric is often used to make children's flamenco dresses, thanks to its sweet and delicate nature.

In addition, being 100% cotton fabrics guarantee comfort and softness to our little ones.

HIVA. Reference: 03936.Embroidered batiste fabric.
TINIAN. Reference: 03935.Embroidered batiste fabric.

And you, are you looking forward to flamenco fashion? If you can't wait any longer either, we are waiting for you in our store in Seville or through our website, to start dressing up as a flamenca.