Vichy fabric: new colors available

With an eye on the new pilgrimage season,we have added new colors to our Vichy fabric. . A classic and timeless print, also for romeras.

Design by Engalaná in Viva by We Love Flamenco / BELÉN VARGAS. Diario de Sevilla.

New colors: camel and gray

Vichy check in different sizes: 3 mm., 5mm. and 10 mm.

Composition: 70% Cotton/ 30% Polyester. Width: 150 cm.

CHECK 3mm. Reference: 01309/2-0205. Color: Gray.
CHECK 5mm. Reference: 01309/3-0205. Color: Gray.
CHECK 10mm. Reference: 01309/7-0205. Color: Gray.
CHECK 3mm. Reference: 01309/2-0801. Color: Camel.
CHECK 5mm. Reference: 01309/3-0801. Color: Camel.
CHECK 10mm. Reference: 01309/7-0801. Color: Camel.

A romantic and summery solution, ideal for women's and children's flamenco fashion, as well as mother-daughter combinations.

And you, do you already know how your canastero or rociera skirt will look like? Would you bet on the Vichy check? Tell us about it! We read you on our social networks.

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