The best fabrics for the perfect guest

The best fabrics for the perfect guest

A flamenco soul don't miss any opportunity to show up. Besides La Feria, there are more occasions where we can add some flamenco style to our outfit. 

Basic fabrics and the pattern importance

One of the most popular options when it comes to show up our flamenco soul it's on our wedding guest look. Combining plain fabrics with a flamenco inspiration desgn, possibilities are endless! Such as Flamencura Ordóñez design, with these looks:

Flamencura Ordoñez diseño

Flamencura Ordoñez diseño

Our plain fabrics proposals

crep con caida

DAMA model. Our most famous crepe when guests dresses confection, with a spectacular fall and a wide variety of colors.

piel de ángel

NIDIA model. A satin fabric, a must for any special occasion dress.

tejido vaporoso y sedoso

VICENZA model. With an steamy and silky touch, this elegance and fresh item is what you need.

tela de gasa

DRAVA model. A light and fresh chiffon fabric, matching with DAMA model colors.

tela de punto neopreno fino

LANZADA model. An elegant knit fabric for fitted special-occasion dresses.

Also combinable with a lace or guipure fabric. Discover them here.