Guest fabrics with flamenco soul

Guest fabrics with flamenco soul

Flamenco-inspired solutions for a special occasion dresses

South is more than the place where we are born . It's something in the soul, in our DNA. Flamenco runs through our blood runsand love to show up every time, not only when we put our flamenco dress on. So, there are more occasions where to give this flamenco essence to our look.

An example of it are bride guest dresses. Opportunities such as add a wrinkles to our design or choosing a polka dot patter, only to enhance our flamenco soul. Details that, on the other hand, have already been identified as a trend in the big catwalks.

telas para vestidos de fiesta

Flamenco inspired fashion for every occasion.

As specialists in fashion and flamenco fabrics, we have the perfect selection for this kind of look. From silky vaporous fabrics  for delicate flounces, to our unmistakable velvet polka dots, or satin fabric to bright and volume our confection, ending with most exquisite fabrics with embroidered inlays. An extensive collection of exclusive footage and constant renewal, with which to show off the flamenco soul in each event.

telas para vestido de novia

Flamenco inspiration trends 2019/2020

Dresses with polka dot print. For a while now, as if it were a virus, polka diot has been expanding its flamenco power, beyond our classic flamenco fashion. Small polka dots for bring modernity and delicacy for guest outfits, with a strong Andalusian character.

tejido tafeta verde

Flounces for detail or whole body. Both skirt or sleeves or to complete an spectacular backs. To give the desired finish to our lack or accompany our shoulder dress to the air. This resource is the most out of guest outfits, thanks to its versatile nature. Allowing us to go to the last without giving up our flamenco soul.

Sleeves with volume, whether puffed, lantern sleeves or sleeves ham. A resource perhaps for the most daring, in which the design plays a prominent role, giving volume in sleeves to dresses, overalls or tops. One of the trends this year, which we have seen for some time in the streets of Real.

tejido raso turquesa

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