Looking for elegance with the houndstooth print

Looking for elegance with the houndstooth print

Every time we think about an autumn/ winter event, we find it more complicated to design our look. We have the conviction that it is more difficult to find elegance with this type of fabrics. However, it is in autumn/ winter when we have a luxury guest:

Houndstooth print

This pattern has been gaining adherents in this recent years, becoming officially declared fall/ winter trend 2019. All types of brands have already adopted it in their garments:


And of course, we have our own proposals:

Ask for our DEGAULLE model - reference 01288/1 of wool and houndstooth print. Or PISCIS model - reference 02266 of cotton with spandex and houndstooth print. 

tania flocado 

Other options are: TANIA FLOCK model - reference 02875/01 of an elastic winter fabric, or DAMA FLOC model - reference 02291/11, a crepe.

crespon flocado

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