Flamenco color

Flamenco color

We continue analyzing trend highlighted in our last post, about fabrics with movement, light and polka dots pattern. However, this time we add a lot of color!

gasa roja de lunares

Polka dots printed in a thousand colors

According to what we could see in the main fashion catwalks like Madrid or New York, this upcoming spring 2020 is presented with a color palette of vivid and bright colors, such as yellow, fuchsia, or orange.

And since Flamenco fashion is more alive than ever, we can surely see all these trends strolling through Real.

gasa amarilla con lunares

Draped, asymmetrical shapes and feminine sensuality.

As we saw in Vogue magazine, this spring comes full of color and fun. And this is all about on flamenco fashion. For this reason, next season will be full of vivid colors and light fabrics:

gasa fucsia de lunares

If you also dare with fashion colors, get your polka dots now! Discover them in our store or web. Our advisors are waiting for you!