Washing symbols and meaning

If reading a label is impossible mission, we are bringing some ideas to help understand what they mean and how to interpret them.

Washing symbol


To know how to wash, we should look for the bucket symbol. Inside you will be shown the maximum temperature as for example in the image: wash at 30ºC. We can also find that in the bucket we can not find a number but a hand, so we are being told to wash by hand. Or a snowflake, which indicates "cold wash".

Likewise, some buckets may incorporate a line below it, which indicates short spin.

If there is only water in the bucket, without extra symbols, it means that it can be washed by hand or machine.

On the other side, if the symbol is a round one, it means that we should wash dry:


In the same way, these circles can incorporate additional information inside such as:

  • Letter "A" inside = it is allowed to use any solvent.
  • Letter "F" inside = can be washed with hydrocarbon and solvent R113.
  • Letter "P" inside = can be washed with perchlorethylene, hydrocarbon and solvents R113 and R11.
  • Letter "W" inside = can be washed with wet cleaning techniques.

Bleach symbol


To know if we can use bleach, we must look for its symbol in a triangle form. If this triangle is crossed out with an "X", it means that it can not be washed using it.

This symbol can also include the letters "CL", referring to chlorine, or diagonal stripes, indicating that the garment can be treated with oxygen bleaches.

Drying symbol

We will identify it as a round inside of a square. Within this, we will find additional information such as the drying temperature:

  • One point = low temperature.
  • Two points = high temperature.


Within these drying symbols, we can also find square symbols with horizontal or vertical stripes inside.

The horizontal stripes indicate to hang out flat. And the vertical line, hang out regularly. If these also incorporate a diagonal stripe in a corner, it means they should lie in the shade, without draining.

Ironing symbol


To know at what temperature we can iron, we will look at the small dots inside the iron symbol:

  • One point = low temperature.
  • Two points = medium temperature.
  • Three points = high temperature.

If this symbol is upside down, it means that we must iron the cloth on the wrong side. In the same way, if it includes an "M", it means that you have to iron on marble. If the symbol is crossed out with an "X", it means that it can not be ironed.

Symbol with an X

If any of the symbols above appears with an "X", it means the prohibition of doing it. For example:

  • Equis on triangle = don't bleach.
  • Equis on iron = don't iron.
  • Equis on round = don't use dry clean.