Flamentex: the authentic flocked fabrics

Flamentex: the authentic flocked fabrics

It's time to analyze our flocks, to see what's special and why are they inimitable.

If anybody knows about flamenco fashion, this is us: Flamentex.

During the last years, Flamentex hasn't stopped to contibute to our flamenco fashion, through textiles. We explore fabrics and their different applications, to provide new techniques and applications, not forgetting avant-garde and creativity.

This curiosity has made us be the first to incorporate the velvet prints into flamenco fashion. But…

What's special about our flocks?

1. GREAT VAIETY OF PRINTS: of flores, lunares, cachemire, hearts or stars. Whatever you can image!


Chiffon fabric with velvet flowers. DRAVA FLOCADO model.


Combined flocked fabrics: flowers and polka dots. DRAVA FLOCADO model.

2. COLORFUL FLOCKING: We started with the black velvet polka dot, but soon we dared with red and off white velvet. Today, we flock in any color: fuchsia, green, blue, violet ... and you, which one do you choose?

3. GREAT VAIETY OF FABRICS: we can flock elastic satin fabric, chiffon, knit fabric, spandex fabric, tulle and mainly, any fabric you can think about. What's your proposal?


Elastic tulle fabric, with flocked diamonds, MESHDANCE model.

4. READY TO COMBINE: we flock our fabrics ourselves, so you will always find a combination in smooth, of equal quality and tonality.

5. EXPERIENCE: we have been developing this extensive collection of flocks for 5 years, exploring its possibilities, quality and characteristics. If you have any doubts about our velvet drawings, we will help you!

6. IN THE MAIN CATWALKS: the result of this research, our flocks have been running for 5 years on the main flamenco catwalks.


Elastic cotton fabric, with velvet polka dot. MADIN FLOC model.

What care do you need?

You don't need much instrictions, but we must differentiate between washing and ironing:

  • For washing, follow indications of base fabric.
  • For ironing, remember to iron always upside down and on marble, to prevent damage on the velvet.

We will continue advancing and researching fabrics, because we love flamenco fashion.

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