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About us.

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About us

Flamentex started in 2010, with a very exciting and ambitious project: to bring Flamenco fashion to every corner of the world.

Whether you are looking for flamenco dresses, the so-called canasteros, gowns or dance skirts, the fabric is the central axis that unites all the different expressions of the Flamenco culture, both the traditional Spanish as well as the more modern international fusions.

Currently, Flamentex is the market leader for Flamenco fabrics, not only as a seller but also by creating and spear-heading current fashion trends.

What we do

Here at Flamentex we are specialists when it comes to our passion: Flamenco fashion.

We work with the best design professionals to create fashion and support new trends, always focusing on our main goal: "to style your flamenco soul".

Every year we work tirelessly to find and develop new designs, prints, colors and textures so that you can unleash your creativity and your talent.

What we offer

We are specialized in flamenco fabrics: we offer a wide variety, with more than 2,500 different options to chose from and more than 2,000,000 meters of unique fabrics at your disposal, available in our 800m2 site.

We provide an incredible variety of fabrics; exclusive designs created in-house; expert assistance throughout your shopping process thanks to our design team and personalized customer service: those are our Values.

All of this we do to style your Flamenco soul.

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