About us

Fabric made art

¡Flamenco fashion is more alive than ever! Even if it seems like everything is already invented, we work every year to find and develop new designs, prints, colors and textures for you, letting you fly your creativity and talent.

We thing that every flamenco dress is a piece of art and, fortunately, we are specialized in our passion: the flamenco fashion. As getting inspiration from the great master Camarón de la Isla “this is our life, our profession, what we love”.

Our shop contains meters and meters of fabric for dressmaking: whatever it’s a classic like poplin or koshibo, or a cotton fabric for your Rocío skirt. Or if you’d rather chiffon for your summer Feria or a knit fabric for your rehearsal skirt. Whatever is your need, we will guarantee a quality fabric.

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History and mission

FLAMENTEX opened its door for the first time in September 2010 with and exiting and ambitious project: spread the flamenco fashion all over the world. Whatever through flamenco dresses, canasteros, batas de cola or rehearsal skirts – fabric is that focal point that unify every component of this culture, so local and international at the same time.

Our values

We are specialized in flamenco fabrics, offering a great variety of cloths, with more than 2.400 references. We work to get competitive prices without abandoning the quality of our products. All of which without ignoring our greatest treasure, the client, taking care of every detail and offering a personalized care.

Our team

FLAMENTEX is composed by a professional team, who will advise and help you whatever your need is. 

We are waiting for you!