New Flamenco Collection 2024: distinguished fabrics

If last week we talked about the perfect gift for this Christmas with our discounts on flocking,this week we complete the Flamenca 2024 Novelties with a selection of exquisite fabrics with these devoured fabrics.

Devoured chiffon

Undoubtedly, one of the most used fabrics when we want an elegant and distinguished flamenco dress.

The devouring is a technique used by applying heat and transforming the original fabric, creating transparencies over a unique pattern and texture.

This singularity allows us to play with layers and superimpositions, obtaining a very stylish result.

We discover this year's novelties, with the GUADIX model.

GUADIX. Reference: 04122/01-0002. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).

GUADIX. Reference: 04122/05-0008. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).

GUADIX. Reference: 04122/03-0826. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).

GUADIX. Reference: 04122/07-0002. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).

GUADIX. Reference: 04122/06-0010. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).

GUADIX. Reference: 04122/02-0002. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).

In another two weeks we will continue to discover more news about New Flamenco Collection 2024. A new capsule with very cheerful and flowery fabrics.

And you, are you looking forward to flamenco fashion? Do you already know what your new outfit will look like? If you want more information or have any doubts, our experts will advise you on everything you need! We are waiting for you seeing you in our store in Seville or through our website.

Cover image: Feria del Caballo. Foto de Dominic Alves. Flickr