Fabrics for First Communion dresses

May is the month of Communions. And as it happens in these occasions, the dress is one of the main dishes. Therefore, we must opt for delicate, elegant and quality fabrics.

Plumeti fabric

This is a fabric with which we can achieve a romantic and simple style.

Model ABLA. Reference: 03610-0101
Model GAVILAN. Reference: 03048-0001
Amaya Comunión

Linen Fabric

Another essential when we talk about First Communion dresses. Thanks to its nature and natural elegance,as well as the personality of the material itself.

Model INARA. Reference: 03388-0101
Model TRISTAN. Reference: 03333-0001
Petritas Moda Infantil

And continuing with linen, it is also the ideal material for First Communion dresses for children,with a wide range of colours:

Model CLICHY. Reference 02002

Pique fabrics

Another classic choice for this garment, for its distinction and elegance in this type of dresses. Among its great variety, we highlight:

Model PIQUE BARNA. Reference: 01348-0802
Model PIQUE LONDON. Reference: 01508-0001

Embroidered cotton

If we opt for a more bohemian style, our choice should be embroidered and perforated cotton. A comfortable and romantic choice.

Model INDIRA. Reference: 03322-0101
Model JIMENA. Reference: 01891-0001
Un Vestido Para Ti

Tulle fabric

And we can finish our dress making with a touch of colour, with our model TUL CISNE; a soft tulle.

Model TUL CISNE. Reference: 03112-0009

And for you, which is the ideal communion dress?