Fabrics for flamenco shawls

The small flamenco shawl is the most traditional accessory in our flamenco dresses. It is a piece that we put on the shoulders making a closure in the front with a brooch.

Formerly the small shawls were used to protect our flamencas from the cold, but over the years the small shawl has become an indispensable accessory for our costumes.

Normally and after seeing the trends of each year, we observe that the shawls are usually of a different color to the costumes, creating a contrast in the colors that gives a striking and unique touch to the combination. A good example would be when the flamenco dress is black, we choose a small shawl with a red background to make it stand out.

The fabrics for flamenco shawls that we can use are any of our floral prints of our Natasha fabrics, , or if we want to give a little relief we can also use devoured fabrics such as our Salomon or Drava flocked..

Reference: 00773/87-0101
A very drapey crossover fabric, perfect for flamenco dresses. Printed with big red roses flowers.
Reference: 00774/43-0307
Very drapey crepe fabric, for flamenco dresses.
Reference: 02794/29-1005
Fine chiffon fabric with flocked flowers.
Reference: 02751/03-0226
Silk devoured fabric.

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