Trends seen on the catwalks 2023

After a few months of our beloved flamenco fashion shows, it is time to analyze all the trends seen on the catwalks that have marked this year.

The flamenco catwalks of this 2023 have been filled with l ots of light and color. With tight and voluminous dresses, highlighting the marked silhouette with the combination of long skirts and wide sleeves.

This year, we left a little aside our famous polka dots to give way to custom prints and flowers,another original alternative for our outfits.

For the combination of flowers with plain and polka dots we can use Natasha and Madison fabrics:

Reference: 00773/72-0010
Crepe fabric with a lot of drape. Printed with medium size polka dots of 2,00 cms.
Reference: 00121-0010
Elastic satin fabric perfect for very fitted flamenco dresses.
Reference: 00774/38-0010
Very drapey crepe fabric, for flamenco dresses.

Another of the trends that have been repeated in the fashion shows are perforated fabrics::

Referencia: 01134-0101
Embroidered batiste fabric.
Reference: 02663-0001
Elastic lace fabric.
Reference: 03935-0001  
Embroidered batiste fabric.

We also highlight this year wide sleeves that we can get with Arancha and Jenny fabrics.

Reference: 01137-0314
Satin fabric ideal for flamenco dresses and wedding dresses.
Reference: 02432/81-0003
Elastic satin fabric ideal for very fitted flamenco dresses. Flower print.
Reference: 01137-0001
Satin fabric ideal for flamenco dresses and wedding dresses.

También Transparency has also been very present in each and every one of the catwalks , letting you see beyond the fabric. An innovation that undoubtedly has not left indifferent any of the designers,and has become one of the most seen trends this 2023.

Reference: 02633-0002
Tulle with elastane.

Reference: 01873-0307
Plumeti tulle fabric.
Reference: 01874-0004
Plumeti tulle fabric.

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