Laundry symbols explained

Reading a label can sometimes be an impossible mission, that's why we have put together some ideas to help you understand what they mean and how to interpret them. 

Washing symbols

In order to learn how to wash your fabrics, you should look for the bucket symbol. The number inside will denote the maximum temperature, as you can see in the image above: to wash at 30ºC. You can also find instead of a number, a hand, which will mean that it should be washed by hand. Alternatively, there could be a snowflake, which recommends washing with cold water. 

Some bucket symbols can also have a line underneath which indicates a short spin speed. 

If there is only water in the bucket, without any symbols inside, it means that it can be washed normally or by hand. 

On the contrary, if the symbol is round, it indicates dry cleaning is necessary.

These circular symbols will often have additional information such as: 

  • The letter "A" inside = any solvent can be used. 
  • The letter "F" inside = it can be washed with it can be washed with hydrocarbon and solvent R113 (petroleum only). 
  • The letter "P" = it can be washed with perchloroethylene, hydrocarbon and solvents R113 and R11 
  • The letter "W" inside = it can be washed on wet cleaning settings.

Bleaching symbols

To know if bleach can be applied, you should look for this triangular symbol. If the triangle has an "X" inside, it means that bleach should not be used. 

The letters "CL" can also be included in this symbol, which advises the use of chlorine. If you find diagonal stripes, this indicates that the fabric can be treated with oxygen bleach. 

Drying symbols

The drying symbol is represented a circle inside a square. Inside the circle, additional can be found: 

  • A dot = low temperature.
  • Two dots = high temperature. 

Dentro de los símbolos de secado, también encontraremos símbolos cuadraros con rayas horizontales o verticales en su interior.

Horizontal lines recommend to dry flat. Vertical lines indicate that the fabric should be left to drip dry. Vertical lines crossed by diagonal lines in the top corner recommend drying in the shade without draining. 

Ironing symbols

The above symbol indicates the recommended ironing temperature: 

  • A dot = low temperature.
  • Two dots = medium temperature. 
  • Three dots = high temperature. 

If this symbol appears upside-down, the fabric should be ironed on its under-side. In the same way, if it includes an "M", it must be ironed on a marble surface. If the symbol has an "X", the fabric cannot be ironed.

Symbols with an "X"

If any of the above symbols appear with an "X", this method is forbidden. For instance: 

  • An "X" through a triangle = do not use bleach.
  • An "X" through an iron = do not iron
  • An "X" through a circle = do not dry clean.