New Flamenco Collection 2023: Devoured Fabrics.

After our romantic date with our novelties on fabric embroidered, we keep looking for elegance, this time with devoured fabrics.

Devoured fabrics

Undoubtedly, this is an exceptional fabric. A chiffon devoured with velvet that gives us unique shapes.

ORCERA Reference: 03931/01.. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).
ORCERA. 03931/03.. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).

Thanks to its nature, the embossed velvet patterns give us a pattern, while this same flocking allows us to wear a soft dress, not only to the eye, but also to the touch.

ORCERA Reference: 03931/02.. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).
GRANADA. Reference: 03947.. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).

Likewise, it is also an article that will allow us to make a nice shawl,either to accompany our costume or if we want to give a renewed twist to an old costume.

SERON. Reference: 03879/01.. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).
SERON. Reference: 03879/02.. Flocked chiffon fabric (devoured).

And you, are you looking forward to flamenco fashion? If you can't wait any longer either, we are waiting for you in seeing you in our store in Seville or through our website, to start dressing up as a flamenca.